The PGPlanning Team


Sensitivity, Ingenuity and Discipline

Enthusiastic about our work, we continually improve our products

The Company

Globales is a company offering since 1999 comprehensive technology solutions with the goal of proposing creative solutions to the challenges of small companies in front of the new economy.

Born and located in Segovia, the company mostly operates in Castilla y León and the neighbouring Comunidad de Madrid. The immediate goal is the expansion to all of Spain and a diversification and specialisation of the activity.


Our values:

  • Sensibility
    and the ability to listen to the customers and collegues, act with common sense, in a logical and sensible way.
  • Inventiveness
    as well as the factor that makes us find the most adequate and creative solution to each problem.
  • Discipline
    It is perseverance, work, effort.

The people

We are young, dynamic and software is our passion.

A multidisciplinary team, expert in new technologies, working to create a fascinating product for our customers.

Enthusiastic about our work, we continuously try to improve our products using the latest technological advances: web, algorithms, visualisation, usability, functionality and performance.

Where are we?

Calle Soldado Español 10-12.
40001 Segovia

(+34) 921 10 10 12


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