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Define your Business


With PGPlanning you will be able to define various levels of automated work shifts planning.

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Offices, Locations and Departments

Do you need to print a timetable per department or location?

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Configure different shifts to cover your requirements.

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"Cuadrar los numerosos cambios de turno de los trabajadores de nuestro Centro nos ocasionaba una gran pérdida de tiempo. Este año hemos buscado nuevas soluciones con PGPlanning y hemos conseguido optimizar el tiempo. Además, no solo controlamos de manera más eficiente los cambios, también las ausencias, los permisos y el fichaje de todos los profesionales de la residencia.

Nuria Casante y Sara Hernansanz, Dirección de Centro de Mayores Valdihuertos

Define your Workers


Configure the qualifications of your workers.

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Working Agreements and Contracts

Introduce all the legal requirements of your company

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Specific Rules and Conditions

Specify all these conditions, restrictions, criteria for each worker.

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Holidays and Public Holidays

Enter the days off, public holidays and holidays of your workers.

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Optimal and Smart Planning

Work Requests

Assign the required staff for each team for each shift.

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Do you use fixed or cyclical patterns?

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Business Rules

Specify the rules and restrictions your company must comply with.

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Data Validation

Check if your staff requirements can be fullfilled.

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Automatic results generation.

Powerful algorithm to discover the best and fairest solutions

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Timetable visualization and export

Visualise your results filtered by all the variables: locations, worker, qualification, shift...

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Reports and Statistics

Administer all the information with a great variety of reports

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We don't fear change


Did an important change happen in your company and you need to re-plan?

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Incident Management

Do you need to control the incidents daily?

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Take into account the time off of your workers for the annual totals

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Replace an unavailable worker.

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Optimise the use of the resources of your company by simulating worker timetables.

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