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With PGPlanning, you will be able to define various levels of automated timetable generation:

  • Variable periodicity (monthly, quarterly, biannual, annual, ...).
  • By shift or day of each worker.
  • Of each activity area or department.
  • Taking into account public holidaysm holidays, absences and availability of each worker every day.
  • Estimating the daily workload of each department or activity area and the worker requirements.

Offices, Locations and Departments


Do you need to print a timetable per department or location?

  • Graphically define your company organigram, locations, departments, offices...
  • Once you have defined the locations, you will be able to specify the work requirements for each of them.
  • You will be able to obtain information on a timetable for each location.
  • Define your departments and you will be able to print the timetable for each of them.
  • Generate your timetable and print it per location or department.



  • You can define the shifts of your workers, morning, evening, night, split, with beginning and end times.
  • To each worker is assigned one or more shifts and a concrete timetable which is maintained during some determined time. The system can generate the timetable for the given shifts.
  • You can define the rest time of your employees.
  • You can also define the availability of your workers per shift, if their working week goes from Monday to Friday, Monday to Sunday, if they work on public holidays, if they have days off, etc.

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