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Did an important change happen in your company and you need to re-plan?

  • Some situations like structural or functional changes require a re-planning: it means the initial conditions are now changed, for example the hiring of a new worker.
  • Enter the new conditions and re-plan the timetable, creating a distinct timetable.

Mangement of incidents and worker turnover


Do you need to control the incidents on a day-by-day basis?

You will be able to manage the incidents on a day-by-day basis, like:

  • Doctor visits
  • Work shifts exchange between workers
  • Late arrival at work
  • Extra hours
  • Work outside the office


Permisos y Bajas

Specify all these conditions, restrictions, criteria for each worker:

  • You will be able to configure specific conditions for each worker, shift, location and qualification preferences.
  • Like in the case of replanning, there are situations (and incidents) where you want to do the planning all over again, but you would like to keep taking into account some past incidents or permissions for the next replanning.
  • You will have control over the annual hours worked and holidays.


  • Manage the shift substitutions of your workers.
  • The substitute will automatically be assigned the hours of the substituted worker.



Optimise the use of the resources of your company with the simulation of worker timetables:

  • Simulate the planning and find out if the workforce is optimal to cover the requirements, or if you need to reduce or enlarge your workforce.
  • The simulation process allows changing some parameters: number of workers, weekly days off, week-end, holidays... Before generating the final timetable for your company.
  • If the simulation is better than planning that is being used, you can directly transformed into the real planning of the company.
  • Possibility to simulate fictional situations and can use this simulation to the real environment.

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