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Smart Planning



Assign to each team the workers required for each shift

  • You can plan the needs for workers taking into account the highs and lows, the daily, monthly or annual changes through the work request system.
  • Work requests, are very flexible and based on the needs of your company, can be defined as requests for specific workers, requests for specific locations, qualification, shift, or campaign (defining its beginning and end dates).
  • Taking into accoutn these work requests, the system can assign minimal

"Empezamos a trabajar con la herramienta PGPlanning, porque aunque parecía algo sencillo, al aperturar varias tiendas, la planificación y gestión de horarios empezó a ser una auténtica pesadilla. Era una gestión que nos llevaba mucho tiempo pero que no aporta ningún valor a la compañía. Comenzar a trabajar la herramienta supuso un gran cambio, es muy sencilla, intuitiva, permite hacer cambios de forma rápida y distribuir horarios de forma justa y equitativa. Los empleados lo utilizan con gran facilidad y han agradecido que todo sea más sencillo, transparente e inmediato. La herramienta es muy útil para llevar el registro de empleados a tiempo parcial, y controlar las horas de personal discontinuo. Ha sido una gran inversión, 100% recomendable."

Angelines Garcia Escribano, Responsable de Talento Humano de TOTTO



Do you use fixed or cyclical patterns?

  • No problem! With PGPlanning you will be able to introduce patterns defining sequences of shifts which repeat in time and assign them to workers.
  • You can define desired and undesired patterns:
    • The desired patterns define a fixed sequence of shifts which repeats for ever.
    • The undesired patterns allow the creation of rules and conditions which should be taken into account when generating the timetable.

Business Rules


You can define the rules which must be followed in your company:

  • Configure yourself the rules that apply to your company.
  • These rules can apply to group of workers or specific workers.
  • By default, the system offers a number of pre-configured rules, which can be customized by the user depending on his company needs and requirements.
  • These rules can be defined as strict, which must be followed without exception, or soft, which the system will try as much as possible to respect when generating the planning.

Data validation


Check that your work requirements can be fulfilled:

  • Once the data is entered into the application, the system will validate the requirements and indicate if you have sufficient workers to cover them, based on the availability of each worker, his days off, work shifts, qualifications etc.

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