Rentabilise and optimise your planning


Satisfaction, Productivity, Savings

Save timand optimize your planning

Worker Satisfaction

  • Fairness in the distribution of work shifts, based on objective criteria.
  • The workers can discover early their timetable and the location of their work. This makes it easier for them to plan their holidays ...
  • Allows to satisfy the preferences of the workers regarding working hours, shifts, activity, qualifications ...

Efficiency and Productivity

  • Optimisation of work assignment.
  • Optimisation of the assignment of the human resources, taking into account their availability, qualification for each location.
  • Adaptable to the work shifts of all businesses.
  • Improve the efficiency of the workers activity and the services offered to your clients.

Costs Savings

  • Adaptation to the demand, highs and lows of the workload, etc.
  • Optimisation of the rotation of the staff.
  • Reductions of the costs of management of human resources.

Time Savings

  • Automatisation and simplicity brought to the complex task of assignation and optimisation of workers timetable.
  • Reduction of management and administration time
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Possibility of realising automated re-planning after incidents.
  • Easy work reassignment, resolution of incidents, search for substitutions, planning changes, etc.

Decision Taking

  • Simulation of plannings and comparison of alternative scenarios for decision taking.
  • Information transparency
  • Efficient response to the problem of work shift assignment.
  • Fast ROI

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