Work Shifts Planning Generation in the Cloud

Simplicity and Power

Forget about infrastructure, installation and maintenance


for your





Without installation

You don't need to install the application in a server or a desktop computer. Any user can access the cloud based application from his browser. No more configuration is needed.

Without applying changes

You don't need to download or install anything, nor do you need to apply updates, you just need an Internet access to take advantage of the latest version.

Without infrastructure

You don't need to invest in a server or other components which will quickly become obsolete, we manage the infrastructure for you.

Security Backups

Forget about security backups, we take care of doing it automatically.

Without additional hidden costs

Forget about the costs of the server hardware, power consumption, backup, licenses of operating system and software, security, maintenance...

Scalability, power and trustworthiness

The application will scale to your needs, if you grow, it will adapt automatically to your needs.

On-demand infrastructure

Our infrastructure is optimised for the application and for our clients.


We constantly monitor the security and availability of the application in a centralised manner to minimise the risks.

Continuous improvement

We work constantly to improve our users' experience at the best price. We always look for the best services and technologies.

Optimisation and Efficiency

We develop our own technology for handling the distributed execution of planning problems, guaranteeing an optimal resource allocation to each customer.












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