Automatic Work Shifts Planning Generator

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Simple, Powerful, Smart

Forget your headaches and let PGPlanning solve it for you

PGPlanning is a platform offering a new concept
in the resolution of work shifts planning.

Automatic and Smart

Its optimisation engine and its algorithmic techniques will surprise you

From anywhere

It is a cloud product and because of that, only a web browser is required to enjoy all its power.

The best solutions

You will obtain the best solutions which comply with your requirements and restrictions.

"Con PGPlanning hemos dado un salto cualitativo en el control horario y en la elaboración de los turnos. PGPlanning no solo nos ha proporcionado las herramientas, nos apoya y asesora, no estamos hablando de un “manual de usuario”, estamos hablando de un apoyo de persona a persona."

Tito Piñón, Director de Lar a Mercé

What does it do?

PGPlanning solves work shift planning problems
for companies of various sectors in an automatic and intelligent way.

Through our innovative optimisation engine which applies the latest techniques in
discovered by algorithmic research, find the best solutions to your planning problems.


More information on how PGPlanning solves work shift planning problems.

How does it do it?


Allows to introduce requirements, rules and restrictions applying to your business:

  • Work requests.
  • Working calendar: public holidays, week-ends.
  • Workers: holidays, payroll, absences, qualifications.
  • Locations.

"Gestionamos varias residencias con cuadrantes complejos y con múltiples cambios de turno entre los trabajadores. Con PGPlanning hemos conseguido tener en una sola aplicación la elaboración del cuadrante, la gestión de cambios entre compañeros, vacaciones, ausencias y el control de presencia de todos los trabajadores. Ahora, podemos administrar de forma completa la planificación, los cambios y el control de presencia, de nuestro equipo humano.

Cristina González, Directora de Vega de Valcarce


The Optimisation Engine will look for the best possible solutions among millions of combinations:

  • Modify all the variables of the planner.
  • Find the best solutions automatically.
  • Optimise the results to the limit.


We show you the best solutions found so that you can choose the one which suits you the most:

  • Visualise the found solutions.
  • Export to various formats.
  • Filter the results do display the results based on what you need: workers, locations, dates, qualifications.

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