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The Problem To Solve

Search for a 365 days work shift planning problem AUTOMATICALLY without limits on the number of workers.

Business Rules
Personal Conditions
Services Request
Working Agreements
Time Off
Public Holidays
Absences and Holidays

How do we solve it?

Optimisation Engine

We build and develop and advances optimisation engine to analyse and search solutions to your planning problems automatically for you. To this end, we create innovative algorithms and use many of them to find the best solution.


To improve your experience as a user, and so that you can take advantage of an incredible amount of computing power we host the application and all of its component in a data center.


We also developed a work distribution system combined with an intelligent decision agent which allows optimising the execution of a planning problem.

The Best Possible Solutions

muestra score

To evaluate the quality of a solution, a score is calculated. If the score is lower it means the solution is better.

We will show you the best solutions found. Each new solution shown will have a better score than the previous one. The optimisation engine constantly works at reducing the score (a lower score means a better solution).

We let you choose among the last solutions found, so that you keep the one you like the most.


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