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Work Shifts Planning Consulting


The combination of the requirements of your business, the working agreements and conventions, ... generate very complex planning problems. Our experts will help you solve your headaches and will put their knowledge to your service to find the best solution that satisfies your needs.

You could need our help to:

  • Complex and large working environments.
  • If you don't have experience in planning work shifts.
  • International or multi-offices environment.
  • Multi-company environment.


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Turn-key Solutions


We are you technological partners. Our experts will work with you throughout your project, from the requirements gathering to getting the first solutions. We will help you to customize your planning and train your employees.

You may need a turnkey solution when: You need a guided project, a start-up or tight deadlines demanded in complex environments.

It is common to need these solutions in these cases:

  • International Environments.
  • Multiple delegations
  • Decentralized environments.
  • Multi-company environment.
  • Data import and export.


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Our software is user-friendly, simple and intuitive. But some planning problems may require some external help to solve.

Our advisors will understand your problems and accompagny you to make the most of PGPlanning.

Trainers experts in our software will design a training adapted to your needs, availability and requirements.

Check the disponibility of training services we offer here.


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