PGPlanning - Automatic Work Shifts Planning Generator

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PGPlanning in only a minute


Program of work shifts with a new planning concept in the cloud.


Schedule generator. Statistics, reports, personnel changes ... Shifts schedules on a click!


Work's Schedule for multiple sectors: industry, sanitary (doctos and nurse schedules), senior housing, police, commerce, franchises...

  Full management

Manage your workshift's plannification, incidents, sick leaves, holidays, absence, work shift changes, work time per employee to meet legal requirements.

Interact with your employees and involve them

With the employee's portal we offer you a full communication channel between you and your employees. You will receive incidents, holidays and work shift's change requests in real time, allowing the management of those requests from a centralized control panel. The employee will have access to his work shift's calendar and his requests panel from everywhere with his Smartphone, Tablet or PC, avoiding unnecessary interruptions to HR staff

Presence and work time control

If you need to control the presence of your employees by clock-in in your workplace, we provide you an online presence control (through web), without installing any specific device nor any software. This functionality is fully integrated with your calendar, shift's schedule and employee portal. You'll get complete statistics, will be able to define incident's types, calculate work hours of your employees and control absenteeism in real time.

Improve and optimize

The innovative calculation engine with two versions: rule's engine and pattern's engine will be tailored to your problem allowing you to obtain the best possible solution for your business. You will enjoy a simulation environment for future, fictitious or hypothetical plannings based on your current planning and without altering it with undesired changes.

Centralized and Integrated

PGPlanning offers an integrated and centralized environment to manage different workplaces, factories, shops and offices from a single place. Through Internet, without a complex infrastructure to link together your existing centers, without investments in physical devices or any other software, it offers rapid deployment, mobile access from anywhere and a centalized site where analyse statistics and any other information necessary for decision-making in your company.








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